Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Natural Health Connections Chat

Here's another chat I did recently on the quality of herbs, plus a few questions/answers.

TeriNHC] 3:22 pm: What do you think of when your see/hear the words 'natural health'?
[Cindyp FFSI FV] 3:23 pm: no prescriptions
[oceanrain] 3:23 pm: Sorry, mine was nutrition, eating the right/good foods, better alternatives , use of herbs, plants
[oceanrain] 3:24 pm: non envacive alternatives, non-chemical products
[TeriNHC] 3:24 pm: Interesting!
[TeriNHC] 3:25 pm: I use herbs quite a I'm sure you can tell.

[TeriNHC] 3:25 pm: And I like my vitamins from plant based sources, not man made
[TeriNHC] 3:26 pm: with so many companies and places selling these things
[TeriNHC] 3:26 pm: I like to be sure my clients understand what they are or aren't getting
[oceanrain] 3:26 pm: Me too...Even when they might be a little bit more expensive, it is worthy!
[TeriNHC] 3:27 pm: For instance
[TeriNHC] 3:27 pm: True, Roxana
[oceanrain] 3:27 pm: yes
[TeriNHC] 3:27 pm: For instance
[TeriNHC] 3:28 pm: different herbs have different properties according to the part of the plant you use
[TeriNHC] 3:29 pm: so, say you need herb X for the immume system
[wreathsbytheinch] 3:29 pm: hello
[TeriNHC] 3:30 pm: You can find herb X at the health food store in the mall, at the pharmacy, at the local super center, etc.
[TeriNHC] 3:30 pm: and all of them say 100% herb X
[TeriNHC] 3:31 pm: Now herb X's only helpful properties for the immune system are in the flower. BUT....
[TeriNHC] 3:32 pm: A lot of companies will put the stem, root, flower, leaf, berry into their capsules --- it's still 100% herb X, just not what you want for your particular needs
[TeriNHC] 3:33 pm: So if a client decides to use something other than what I've suggested (which is rare), I absolutely won't even speculate on their results.
[TeriNHC] 3:34 pm: This is also a very big reason why people use herbs, don't get results, and then say herbs don't work.
[TeriNHC] 3:34 pm: I've never talked specifically about the company I mostly use, but I have to tell you
[TeriNHC] 3:35 pm: across the board, my clients see positive results.
[TeriNHC] 3:35 pm: Occasionally they'll bring in something else, and if it works, great...but so far, no other company has such a good record with such a wide range of products.
[oceanrain] 3:36 pm: Do you use the actual plants for cetain purposes?
[TeriNHC] 3:36 pm: When I have them, I use them myself. Can't do that with clients.
[TeriNHC] 3:37 pm: website is[oceanrain] 3:37 pm: I see...I took a workshop on herbs, mostly from PR, my Country, and it was such a great experience!
[TeriNHC] 3:37 pm: You weren't here when I posted it before
[TeriNHC] 3:38 pm: I know what you mean, Roxana. I love to learn.
[oceanrain] 3:39 pm: Well some things I use , others were a little out of my comfort zone!!!! :)[TeriNHC] 3:39 pm: LOL, I know what you mean there too!!
[oceanrain] 3:39 pm: Like when I learn the side effects of regular antiperspirants....[oceanrain] 3:39 pm: I tried!!! I tell you i did tried all the recipes!!!
[oceanrain] 3:40 pm: Thank God i found a happy medium....
[TeriNHC] 3:40 pm: Interesting thing about that...when our bowels are clean, there is much less body odor.
[oceanrain] 3:40 pm: Natural deodorant! If you have good ones in your site, I'll love to see them!
[TeriNHC] 3:41 pm: Women tend to have more right before the start of their period[oceanrain] 3:41 pm: when you are in a tropical island.... body odor is part of daily living!!! All year around![TeriNHC] 3:41 pm: because that's a cleansing time
[TeriNHC] 3:42 pm: :-)
[TeriNHC] 3:42 pm: I'm in Florida...not an island, but pretty hot and humid. Probably not quite what you have though.

[Cindyp FFSI FV] 3:50 pm: after dealing with my aunt and drs i'm vowing to go natrual whenever i can
[Cindyp FFSI FV] 3:50 pm: her prescriptions are expensive and i don't see where they help much
[Cindyp FFSI FV] 3:50 pm: do you feel like changing subject

[oceanrain] 3:51 pm: i know the feeling, my husband has a heart condition....
[TeriNHC] 3:51 pm: To what, Cindy?
[Cindyp FFSI FV] 3:51 pm: potassium
[TeriNHC] 3:51 pm: Okay...
[TeriNHC] 3:52 pm: Did you know cream of tartar is potasium? !
[oceanrain] 3:53 pm: That's a good one!
[Cindyp FFSI FV] 3:54 pm: do a group poll on possible subjects
[Cindyp FFSI FV] 3:54 pm: i'm into anything helath
[Cindyp FFSI FV] 3:54 pm: still going to do a detox
[TeriNHC] 3:54 pm: Good idea, Cindy.
[Cindyp FFSI FV] 3:54 pm: we need to talk about that more too
[oceanrain] 3:56 pm: I have a client who was explaining me about her acne prone skin when ever period approuches, any suggestions?
[TeriNHC] 3:57 pm: The skin is actually one of your elimination organs
[oceanrain] 3:58 pm: So you think it is normal???
[TeriNHC] 3:58 pm: The first thing to do is make sure the other eliminationorgans are working properly
[TeriNHC] 3:58 pm: elimination organs
[oceanrain] 3:58 pm: i asked about that....
[oceanrain] 3:58 pm: she said it is fine, but she is starting a weight loss program today![TeriNHC] 3:59 pm: It's not fine if she's breaking out....
[TeriNHC] 4:00 pm: You can have her contact me at my website if you'd like
[oceanrain] 4:00 pm: I hope she'll start following the recommendations, adding water, more fruits and veggies, more fiber, less fats!
[TeriNHC] 4:00 pm: Lot's of people think they are fine if they are 'going' every day.
[TeriNHC] 4:00 pm: Yeah, that would certainly be good for all of us!
[TeriNHC] 4:02 pm: Well, if she does the water & etc., she'll be doing better
[MindyHGP] 4:04 pm: call me stupid :P , but what contains more fiber?

[TeriNHC] 4:04 pm: Between what and what, Mindy?
[MindyHGP] 4:05 pm: i guess in general..more of some veggies and not others? specific things that are fiber-full
[MindyHGP] 4:05 pm: so whole grain bread is better than white (most anything is better than white)
[TeriNHC] 4:06 pm: The fiber in the wheat kernel is on the outside, not the germ
[oceanrain] 4:06 pm: i use a cereal brand high in fiber and protein, Kashi
[TeriNHC] 4:06 pm: If it's truly whole grain, Mindy, and not just brown bread
[TeriNHC] 4:06 pm: Legumes are loaded with fiber
[TeriNHC] 4:07 pm: Roxana is right...Kashi has several cereals that are fairly high in fiber[oceanrain] 4:07 pm: This is a language problem (Spanish to English back wards..) when you say Legumes you are talking about???
[Cindyp FFSI FV] 4:07 pm: i'll look at them but the last time seemed they were mush[TeriNHC] 4:08 pm: Oatmeal has fiber
[oceanrain] 4:08 pm: Try Crunch it is CRUNCH!!!
[TeriNHC] 4:08 pm: Kidney beans, pinto's, black beans, etc.
[wreathsbytheinch] 4:08 pm: what about Lentils
[wreathsbytheinch] 4:09 pm: they are yummy
[TeriNHC] 4:09 pm: Yes, lentils are legumes, too.
[wreathsbytheinch] 4:09 pm: lentils and rice is that a good diet

I wasn't able to save the rest of the chat, but did tell those who were trying to loose weight to check out the books by Peter D'Adamo, Eat Right for Your Blood Type and Live Right for Your Blood Type.

Have a healthy day!

Teri Hayes
Certified Natural Health Consultant

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Thursday, August 04, 2005

The Cause of Disease

Someone recently shared this fantastic quote with me:

"That the number of diseases that originate from some unknown causes is far greater than those that come from mechanical causes, and for such diseases our physicians know no cure because not knowing such causes they cannot remove them. All they can prudently do is to observe the patient and make their guesses about his condition; and the patient may rest satisfied if the medicines administered to him do no serious harm, and do not prevent his recovery. The best of our popular physicians are the ones that do least harm. But, unfortunately, some poison their patients with mercury, others purge them or bleed them to death. There are some who have learned so much that their learning has driven out all their common sense, and there are others who care a great deal more for their own profit than for the health of their patients. A disease does not change its state to accomodate itself to the knowledge of the physician, but the physician should understand the causes of disease. A physician should be a servant of Nature, not her enemy; he should be able to guide and direct her in her struggle for life and not throw, but his unreasonable interference, fresh obstacles in the way to recovery." (From Paraganum, translated by Franz Hartmann)"

Written hundreds of years ago, this is still true! It is why people who choose the natural path to good health always work on the root of disease, not the branches.

Have a healthy day,

Teri Hayes
Certified Natural Health Consultant

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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Who Needs Enzymes?

Here's another posting of part of my online class today.

Enzymes are often overlooked, but they are very important to our overall health. Oh, we almost always start out with a basic Health Analysis. It doesn't cost anything and can be very enlightening! Go ahead, give it a try.

[Teri-NHC] 12:35 pm: Enzymes!
[Teri-NHC] 12:37 pm: No matter what body system is in need of support, enzymes are almost always a good choice for helping to get the body back on track
[Teri-NHC] 12:37 pm: Do any of you have an idea what enzymes do?
[Bahiyah w/Petra & Warm Spirit] 12:37 pm: no
[Bahiyah w/Petra & Warm Spirit] 12:38 pm: enlighten us
[Teri-NHC] 12:39 pm: 1) they aid in the breakdown of most types of food
[Teri-NHC] 12:39 pm: 2) They improve digestion (goodbye heartburn)
[Teri-NHC] 12:40 pm: 3) They activate needed vitamines that would otherwise be wasted.

[Teri-NHC] 12:40 pm: Liberate minerals your body needs
[Teri-NHC] 12:40 pm: support the immune system.
[Teri-NHC] 12:40 pm: Protect the joints
[Teri-NHC] 12:41 pm: Reduce symptoms of indigestion caused by fermentation of undigested foods.
[Teri-NHC] 12:41 pm: How's that for starters
[Teri-NHC] 12:42 pm: Different enzymes work on different types of foods.
[Teri-NHC] 12:44 pm: Questions?
[Teri-NHC] 12:44 pm: Feel free to ask...
[Teri-NHC] 12:45 pm: Enzymes initiate chemical reactions in our bodies
[Bahiyah w/Petra & Warm Spirit] 12:46 pm: sounds great so far
[Teri-NHC] 12:46 pm: Each one works like a key. It unlocks its unique body function
[Teri-NHC] 12:46 pm: It's actually how we are able to have life.
[Teri-NHC] 12:47 pm: Digestive enzymes in particular help break down food into components the body can use to get needed energy and structural building blocks
[tracy] 12:47 pm: i have that acid reflux
[tracy] 12:48 pm: yuck
[Teri-NHC] 12:48 pm: Enzymes can often take care of that, Tracy.
[Nancy-SBRN] 12:48 pm: I started taking prilsec for that
[tracy] 12:48 pm: really i getit pretty bad
[Teri-NHC] 12:48 pm: I've seen enzymes make a huge difference
[tracy] 12:48 pm: i did tooo didi not help i hvba tht , zntac, and one otherone
[tracy] 12:48 pm: burnsmy throat
[Nancy-SBRN] 12:48 pm: I gota multi enzyme at Walmart that alone did not help me
[Teri-NHC] 12:49 pm: One thing, though...
[WAHM-Brenda-Wellness] 12:49 pm: is enzyme another name for vitamin LOL
[Teri-NHC] 12:49 pm: You could try proactazyme plus, Nancy.
[Nancy-SBRN] 12:49 pm: no two different tigns
[Teri-NHC] 12:49 pm: No, Brenda...two completely different things.
[tracy] 12:49 pm: mine rolls up my throat at night then i can breath
[Nancy-SBRN] 12:50 pm: enzymes break down thigs like fat, sugar, protine and starches
[Teri-NHC] 12:50 pm: Without enzymes your vitamins couldn't be processed into food for your body
[Teri-NHC] 12:50 pm: Right, Nancy.
[Teri-NHC] 12:50 pm: But, like I said before
[Nancy-SBRN] 12:50 pm: even dary needs enzyems to break them down
[Teri-NHC] 12:51 pm: They aren't 'hardy'

[Teri-NHC] 12:51 pm: Cooking inactivates natural enzymes
[Nancy-SBRN] 12:51 pm: email me some info on that all I know is with prilosec I can swallow and no heartburn at all ever or acid reflux
[Teri-NHC] 12:52 pm: Okay,
[Teri-NHC] 12:52 pm: Some other things that impact enzymes in a negative way are stress and aging
[Teri-NHC] 12:53 pm: Lack of enzymes = lower nutrient absorption by the body
[Teri-NHC] 12:53 pm: This can affect immune function, energy, natural restorative powers, skin conditions, joint health and overall mood
[Teri-NHC] 12:54 pm: My favorite is Proactazyme Plus
[Teri-NHC] 12:54 pm: ...and Nancy already gave the perfect example of buying something off the store shelves.
[Teri-NHC] 12:56 pm: When I get clients who are going to do that to save money, I know they will either be back, or they'll be saying "natural products don't work". Well, you have to get good ones or you're right, they don't!
[Teri-NHC] 12:56 pm: Off my soapbox now...

[Teri-NHC] 12:57 pm: That's one of the first things I start out with in offline classes so they understand

[Teri-NHC] 12:58 pm: That's it, ladies. Thank you for coming! You can find a number of different types of enzymes if you are interested at
[Teri-NHC] 12:58 pm: Any questions?

You are welcome to join us at the chat next week. I'll post the URL for you in a few days.

Have a healthy day,

Teri Hayes
Certified Natural Health Consultant

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

How Is Your pH Affecting Your Health?

This afternoon I started my weekly Health Connections classes and thought I'd share a portion of the chat with you.

[Teri-NHC] 12:28 pm: Women tend to be givers, nurturers....but we forget about priming the pump -- so to speak!
[Ang--GiftBaskets] 12:28 pm: I understand what you are saying now.
[Teri-NHC] 12:29 pm: Before I move on, I'd like to encourage you all to pick one thing that you will do for yourself each day this week and then report back at the next chat. You don't have to say what it is if it's personal
[Teri-NHC] 12:29 pm: Are you game?

[cindy] 12:29 pm: sure
[meredith] 12:29 pm: sure!
[Teri-NHC] 12:30 pm: Okay!
[Teri-NHC] 12:30 pm: Now on to pH balancing
[Teri-NHC] 12:31 pm: This is probably one of the simplest things someone can do to begin to make changes in their health
[Teri-NHC] 12:32 pm: Have any of you ever tested your pH?

[Teri-NHC] 12:33 pm: Anyone have a clue what I'm talking about?
[Nancy-SBRN] 12:34 pm: not sure if I have or not
[cindy] 12:35 pm: i know what ph is in the pool but not for me
[Teri-NHC] 12:35 pm: Well, here are some of the things that can go wrong if your pH is out of balance...
[Teri-NHC] 12:35 pm: Hormone concerns
[Teri-NHC] 12:35 pm: Cardiovascular weakness

[Teri-NHC] 12:35 pm: Weight gain/loss
[Teri-NHC] 12:36 pm: Bladder and kidney concerns
[Teri-NHC] 12:36 pm: Immune deficiency.
[Teri-NHC] 12:36 pm: acceleration of free radical damage
[Teri-NHC] 12:36 pm: Structural system weakness, includnig brittle bones, hip fractures and joint discomfort

[Teri-NHC] 12:36 pm: Stressed liver function
[Teri-NHC] 12:36 pm: Low energy
[Teri-NHC] 12:36 pm: slow digestion and elimination
[Teri-NHC] 12:37 pm: Yeast/fungal overgrowth
[cindy] 12:37 pm: well that seems to take care of everything
[Teri-NHC] 12:37 pm: Our pH should always fluctuate within a certain range.
[Teri-NHC] 12:38 pm: LOL, that's why I said it's a simple first step. It's wise to check this in the beginning.
[Teri-NHC] 12:38 pm: The pH of the saliva should be between 6.5 and 6.8

[Teri-NHC] 12:39 pm: Urin pH between 6.0 and 7.0
[cindy] 12:39 pm: and how do we do this
[Teri-NHC] 12:40 pm: Well, you can check your own pH by getting some test strips. It's very easy...
[Ang--GiftBaskets] 12:41 pm: how does someone's ph get messed up
[Teri-NHC] 12:41 pm: Excellent test strips.

[Teri-NHC] 12:42 pm: Is where the ones I use are. You may be able to find them at a pharmacy as well, I don't know.
[Teri-NHC] 12:43 pm: pH can get messed up in a number of ways
[Teri-NHC] 12:44 pm: Most often it is because of the types of foods we eat and don't eat
[Teri-NHC] 12:45 pm: But the problem compounds itself
[Teri-NHC] 12:45 pm: because of the narow range in which some minerals can be absorbed.

[Teri-NHC] 12:46 pm: The cells of the body cannot extract nutrients from the blood unless the pH is correct.
[Teri-NHC] 12:46 pm: For instance,
[Teri-NHC] 12:47 pm: magnesium can only be absorbed when the ph is between 5.6 and 7.4
[Teri-NHC] 12:47 pm: Iodine, on the other hand, needs pH to be between 6.3 and 6.6. A much narrower range
[Teri-NHC] 12:50 pm: When things are out of balance, herbs and certain other nutrients (depending on which way it's out of balance - acid or alkaline) are very helpful in getting things back in sync.

I went on to explain that along with trying herbs, you may want to modify which foods you choose to eat. I have a 15 page brochure available via email (it's in PDF format) which has a chart of foods & how alkaline or acid they are. If you'd like one, please feel welcomed to Contact Me.

Teri Hayes
Certified Natural Health Consultant

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Back from Vacation


We had a wonderful vacation! I ended up being gone longer than expected due to my husband's job, but had a great time nonetheless. We got to see our newest granddaughter, Haylee Elizabeth and in the process go reacquainted with her big brother and sister. They live in Maryland which seems to be a very nice place.

We also got to see family in New Hampshire & while there we visited Boston...quite a unique city. And of course, New Hampshire is beautiful in the summer. Being a Floridian, I'll be happy to stay right here in the winter,though!

Speaking of vacations, I linked the title of this post to my Tools for Health eNewsletter page because one of the past issues deals with lots of vacation health topics. You'll want to subscribe so you can access this terrific resource.

Have a healthy day!

Teri Hayes
Certified Natural Health Consultant

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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Fantastic Day For Health Freedom

Great news for all of us who choose to use herbs and other natural supplements for our health needs. This was sent to me by a colleague in UK, David Meggitt.


The European Court of Justice's Advocate General Geelhoed has
provided his opinion today. His opinion was read out in the European
Court in Luxembourg at 08.30 h this morning.

Please find our Press Release on the subject below.

We wish to thank all of you who have contributed, financially and in
other ways, to this landmark challenge that has the potential to
rock the entire agenda on ever-tightening restrictions worldwide on
natural health.

We will be giving you further updates in due course.


For immediate

5 April 2005



There was tremendous news today for the millions of people in Europe
who choose to use food supplements. Following a landmark challenge
in the European Courts of Justice (ECJ) brought by the Alliance for
Natural Health and Nutri-Link Ltd to the contentious Food
Supplements Directive, which effectively proposed to ban 75% of
vitamin and mineral forms, Advocate General Geelhoed, the senior
adviser to the ECJ, gave his Opinion in favour of the Alliance's

What does this mean? That the chances of consumers being able to
continue using the natural food supplements they believe are
beneficial to their health are now greatly increased. There has been
uproar about the proposed EU ban, and maybe, against the odds, the
consumer is going to come out on top in what is a remarkable modern
day case of David and Goliath.

In a statement released in Luxembourg today at 0830 GMT, the
Advocate General concluded that:

The Food Supplements Directive infringes the principle of
proportionality because basic principles of Community law, such as
the requirements of legal protection, of legal certainty and of
sound administration have not properly been taken into account.
It is therefore invalid under EU law.
It should be stressed that the Advocate General's pronouncement is
not a ruling. That will come from the ECJ judges, later - probably
around June. But typically, in the vast majority of cases, the Court
Judgment follows the recommendations of the Advocate General.

If the Advocate General's recommendations are adopted, in effect,
the ban on vitamin and mineral forms not included on the
EU's `Positive list,' due to come into effect on 1 August
2005, will
be declared illegal. In essence, the positive list of allowable
nutrient forms will be deemed to be too narrow, too restrictive, and
based on flawed science.

This would avoid the totally irrational situations that the Food
Supplements Directive would otherwise create. For example,
synthetically produced selenium would have been allowed on the
positive list, while the natural source found in Brazil nuts would
not; synthetic forms of Vitamin E (often used in `adverse' vitamin
studies reported in the media) would be allowed, but the natural,
most beneficial food forms would not.

An outstanding moment for the Alliance for Natural Health

The Alliance for Natural Health (ANH) is a Europe-wide professional
organisation dedicated to ensuring that good science and good law
are applied to regulation affecting the leading edge of natural
health. If the Advocate General's recommendations are endorsed by
the ECJ judges, it will represent the culmination of three years
dogged determination, dedication and hard work on the part of ANH
and its many supporters around the world.

Teri Hayes
Certified Natural Health Consultant

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Friday, April 01, 2005

Nausea in Pregnancy

My friend, Tina Farewell of Lifetime Books and Gifts, just sent me the following interesting tips on surviving nausea in pregnancy. She doesn't mention the authors name, but does say that it was posted on LifetimeKindredSpirits.

Actual links were added by me so you would have some good quality resources.

My daughter who is 30 weeks along in pregnancy today (1st grandbaby!!) had
terrible nausea for about 4-5 months. Some things that helped . . .

  • "Sea-Bands" --we made our own from elastic with buttons sewed on. You wear
    them around your wrist with the button on the inside bottom, so it presses
    on a pressure point about 2 1/2 inches down from the line where your hand
    meets your wrist.

  • Ginger --my daughter took capsules.

  • Small, frequent, high protein snacks. (Carry snacks to nibble with you

  • Avoiding smells as much as possible.

  • Having someone else cook for her. She could cook, but then was to nauseated
    to eat. If someone else cooked, she could get a lot more down. She said it
    helped if she didn't "think" about food, just sat down and ate it.

  • Eating and drinking again frequently after vomiting to "keep up"

  • Raspberry leaf and / or peppermint tea

  • Dandelion root tea or chamomile tea

  • Taking a prenatal vitamin WITHOUT iron --until nausea subsides

  • Taking a brisk walk outside each day

  • Taking plenty of naps

  • Taking Vitamin B6 (between 50-200 mg daily)

  • Prayer.

Have a healthy day!

Teri Hayes
Certified Natural Health Consultant
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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Conference call special on Thai-go

This is a great offer and only available for a short time. I hope you can take advantage of it! Membership is free with a purchase of $40 or more at wholesale.

By the way, you ARE going to be on the conference call, right? It doesn't cost you anything. The calls are more than worth it the time it takes to listen in.

Posted under specials on NSP product special page:

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Teri Hayes

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